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Importance of the Uniform
The uniform identifies the Scout as someone special and helps achieve the objectives of Scouting. The uniform by itself can’t make a good Scout or a good Troop; but its use will improve both the Scout and the Troop because it is a visible sign of Scouting. The uniform should not be worn during Troop Fundraising events that are not sponsored by the District or Council
Field Uniform (Class “A”)
The field uniform (sometimes referred to as the Class “A”) is the official uniform of the Boy Scouts of America as defined in the Boy Scout Handbook. It includes pants or shorts, shirt (with patches properly sewn as described in the Uniform Inspection Sheet), belt, socks, neckwear, identification card, and Scout Handbook. The Class “A” uniform is required for Troop meetings and at formal Scouting activities such as Courts of Honor, recognition dinners or similar functions.

The shirt is an Official long or short-sleeve shirt with green shoulder loops or epaulets. Placement of patches on the shirt is noted in the Uniform Patches and Insignia Placement section of this document.




Photos of samples courtesy of










Scout Pants:
Although “Official” BSA pants are highly recommended, the Troop accepts the wearing of alternate pants. Alternate pants must be of the same green color and shade as the Official pants. If non-official pants are worn, it is strongly suggested that they be not made entirely of cotton since this material is not quick to dry and is quick to wrinkle. A description of Official pants is shown below.

Photos of samples courtesy of
Centennial Switchbacks Uniform Pants
These are the perfect pants for all Scouting occasions. Developed specifically for  the BSA, and now in forest green unisex sizes. Available in two fits.  Crafted in moisture-wicking and quick-drying Dupont Supplex nylon with UPF sun  protection, cargo styling and the now classic two-for-one versatility of legs that zip- off to become knee-length shorts. Switchbacks also offer roomy bellows pockets  with drain holes, gadget loops, back yoke for a perfect fit and an elastic waist, self- belted for comfort (but with additional belt loops in case you want to add your own). A gusseted inseam allows for a full range of motion. And not only do they pact
compactly, they even sport woven fleur-de-lis zipper pulls and tag
Classic Fit
The classic fit Switchbacks pants have traditional straight leg styling and come
unhemmed so you can customize the length.
Relaxed Fit
The relaxed fit Switchbacks pants are cut a bit roomier through the seat and thigh.
Olive-green web with BSA insignia on brass buckle; or official leather with BSA buckle or other Scout related buckle of your choice, or Official black nylon web belt and buckle that accompanies the official switchback pants.(Photos of samples courtesy of
Various versions of the BSA socks are shown below. Any version is acceptable.




Hats are optional. If a hat is worn it must be either the Troop hat or an official BSA hat. The designated hat for functions is at the discretion of the Scoutmaster.







Neckwear:Troop 19 does not have an official neckcercheif. Either a  green B.S.A. neckercheif or a Scout Bolo may be worn.



Shoes should be made of leather or canvas and are neat and clean.







 Activities Uniform (Class “B”)


Our Troop’s activities uniform (sometimes referred to as the Class “B”) consists of a Troop, Scout Camp or B.S.A T-shirt, official Scout pants or shorts, official BSA socks and belt. The “Class “B” activities uniform is used when there will be a high level of physical activity such as work details, hikes,camping trips or during summer meetings.



 Where and How to Get Your Uniform


The purchase of uniforms is the responsibility of the Scout. Sometimes, a used uniform is available or a long term purchase can be arranged through the Troop Committee. The Scout Savings fund may be used toward the purchase of a Scout Uniform. Questions and other concerns may be addressed to the Scoutmaster.Wearing the complete designated uniform at Troop meetings earns points toward the Scout of the Year Program.

Places to purchase a uniform:
1.) On-line Ordering Web Site -
2.) ONSC Council Office/Scout Shop.

Uniform Patches and Insignia Placement